President's Message

President's Message


       On behalf of Thai Hotels Association, Southern Chapter, It is my great pleasure to write this message on the occasion of opening Thai Hotels Association, Southern Chapter official Website:  www.tha-south.org  In this day where IT is constantly evolving, there is a real need for us to initiate our own website. Phuket being the province of huge tourism potentialities has been lagging behind in comparison with our neighboring Cities like:  Bali, Hoi-An, Cebu, Langkawi, etc. Our website will be one of our valuable sources of useful information and we will continue to update details and news for the benefit of our members. 

   Our association is a National body representing the interests of the hotel industry . To develop and speed up tourism regionally more significant effort and united endeavor by the neighboring cities. We would like to invite you to join us and be a member of Thai Hotels Association. With many benefits to members we also seek active participation to support our industry. Over the years, hotels in Phuket have grown to a very progressive level where we continue to promote the many benefits and privileges of becoming a member (ordinary or affiliate) of Thai Hotels Association, Southern Chapter.


      Again, on behalf of Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your continued support of Thai Hotels Association either as a members or as a colleagues . The strength of our Association come from everyone's participation and the support we give one another.


Warm Regards,

Suchart Hirankanokkul